Design Guidelines

When you combine a classical aesthetic with modern architecture, the results are nothing short of magical. What you ultimately get is a stunning home that complements your personal style and blends seamlessly and organically into the magnificent backdrop of North Carolina mountain splendor

The Farm at Mills River has design guidelines set in place — not to restrict your style, but to aide you in capturing the essence of mountain style and architecture at its finest. The motivation behind the design guidelines is to work with the features of your property. The guidelines help you build a home to fit the needs of your family and lifestyle, while still managing to preserve the integrity of your land.

Rely on Our Experience

The developers of The Farm at Mills River have taken the time to research and hand-select the builders who possess the skills necessary to realize this visionary undertaking. They pay special attention to the natural features and elements of each home site to ensure the best possible design for each location.

Each high-end, custom-built home has to be designed expressly with your needs and specifications in mind. From unique and inviting exteriors to the latest in environmentally friendly features your building experience is conducted by the highest levels of professionalism. This ensures your experience is both seamless and satisfying — from planning to completion.

The New Gold Standard

Planning and construction at The Farm at Mills River are the key pieces of developing the new gold standard of mountain living. Your home is so much more than a financial investment. Your home is an extension of yourself and an expression of your family. Everything must be perfect.

Make your mark on the world without making one on the environment. Just like the scenic nature outside your door, your new home should be complete to itself. Your new home should be personal, efficient, unique, sustainable and exquisite.

The Farm at Mills River Covenants Restrictions Design Guidelines PDF

The Farm at Mills River Recorded Plat PDF.