What to Do after You Choose Your New Home Lot

What to Do after You Choose Your New Home Lot

When existing new homes near Asheville don’t meet your needs, your best bet is to choose the ideal location and purchase a lot. A pre-developed community such as The Farm at Mills River offers a wealth of opportunities for building your dream home in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. Everything from fabulous antique and retail shopping and dining to outdoor adventure and serenity are within a short drive.

Plots at The Farm at Mills River provide the best setting for building your new home. They give consideration to the design, from privacy to landscaping to technology. You get access to a top-tier development team that guides you through the homebuilding process with professional expertise.

How Do I Choose a Design?

The developers at The Farm at Mills River have done a lot of the heavy lifting for you before you even begin talking to home builders in Asheville. Because the Billy Taylor team representing the properties is made up of locals who’ve spent generations developing and understanding the land, they know what works best for new homeowners who want to build on their lots.

In addition to maintaining the character and environmental design of the land, your developers know that you choose to build a custom home so that you can put a unique stamp on your new home. Your personal tastes and family requirements factor into the final design of your house and surrounding land.

What’s the Next Step?

Once you’ve chosen your lot, your next step is to choose from a range of Asheville custom home builders. Since you’re building a home in Asheville, you’ll want to take advantage of the expertise of eco-friendly builders who share your respect for the environment in which you’ll live.

At the same time, when interviewing builders, look for contractors who listen to your desires and communicate their intentions to your satisfaction. To streamline the process, consider a one-stop design-build firm that takes care of all the subcontracting and licensing, such as:

✔️Permits ✔️Electrical work ✔️Architectural ✔️Plumbing ✔️Landscaping ✔️Interior design

What Does My Builder Need to Know?

One of the first pieces of information to tell your builder is your budget. Each decision going forward takes this into consideration. Be assured that all types of budgets work well in your new development. This is a welcoming neighborhood that shares a deep love of the mountains and a sense of community with each other.

Think about and talk over thoroughly with your builder your most pressing desires for your new home. These may include:

❇️Smart-home technology ❇️State-of-the-art appliances ❇️Open or more private floor plans ❇️Size and number of bedrooms ❇️Closet space ❇️Number of bathrooms ❇️Materials, such as natural or manmade ❇️One story or two ❇️Interior and exterior aesthetics ❇️Resale value considerations

As with any custom process, communication is key. And at The Farms at Mills River, your developers serve as conduits between you and your Asheville custom home builders. When you’re looking at new homes near Asheville, why not build your dream home from scratch when it’s so convenient? Contact the team today for a tour of lots and an introduction to home builders in Asheville who can make your dreams come true.