Beautiful Options: Inside and Outside
If you’re relocating or buying a new home, wouldn’t you like it if someone provided you with a list of reputable shops and service people? The Farms at Mills River and the surrounding area are undergoing substantial growth. New job opportunities are springing up like toadstools after a spring rain. With this growth comes more choices.
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Porches, Pooches and Pools: The Perfect Home Features for Mills River
They say your home is your castle, but your castle isn’t surrounded by a moat. Today’s luxury home designs factor in a porch, a deck or even a pool as an extension of your living space. A screened-in porch opening onto a terrace with many levels or onto a landscaped pool adds value to your home. We saw all of these at the most recent tour of the new homes at the Farm at Mills River.
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Progress Update Fall 2021: Our Final Lot Release
As we write this latest blog, we can see winter approaching. The temperatures have begun to drop and the sky is crystal clear with a light breeze. People are getting out their light jackets and homeowners start turning on their gas logs. It's the perfect time for gathering by the outdoor firepit. This time of year is what smores were made for. The fall leaves are starting to turn into their vibrant shades of yellow and orange. Our mountains are filled with "leaf lookers" and the Blue Ridge Parkway peaks with motorcycles and drivers taking in the last bit of beauty before closing down for winter. So it is with The Farm at Mills River as we release the final homesites for sale.
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Things to Do in Mills River through Every Season
Mills River is a small town, but one that’s chock-full of things to do if you know where to look. Visualize tranquility, and you’ll have an idea why Mills River draws people into its folds. This lush green valley has acres of valuable farmland with two rivers winding through
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Final Lot Release ATV Tours - Sign UP!
Team Billy Taylor Realtors is excited to announce the final phase lot release at The Farm at Mills River. If you’ve been considering relocating to the Asheville/Mills River area, this is your opportunity to meet your future neighbors and take a custom ATV Tour.
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Mills River Economic Update
Many new residents have been relocating to the Asheville and surrounding areas even before COVID. On the surface Mills River looks like a quaint, rural mountain area filled with dairy farms and rolling hills. That part has remained true. At the same time, the area is experiencing positive economic growth, providing jobs and accessibility to resources not previously available. Here’s our rundown of the current economic environment.
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What to Do after You Choose Your New Home Lot
What is involved in building a new home in Asheville? How do I choose a design? What are the next steps after I choose a design? What are the things my builder needs to know? We address all of that in this latest blog.
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“Altitude Affects Attitude”
An often repeated phrase here in Asheville is “altitude affects attitude.” Your interpretation is what you make of it. For some it refers to our other saying “Keep Asheville Weird” as we are known for our unique downtown culture and our fervent loyalty and support for independent restaurants and retail shops. Others interpret the saying as a way of changing one’s mindset. Once you spend any time in the mountains, you’re bound to feel freer and happier. Why? We are surrounded by nature’s forest jungle, not the concrete jung
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Asheville Attracts Digital Nomads
It may appear we are off the grid. Despite the pictures of wide open green spaces, mountain ranges and parks, our area does offer the modern conveniences needed for remote working and easy traveling. It's one of the reasons why Asheville is attracting the Digital Nomad.
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Our Home Journey at The Farm at Mills River
Have you been visiting Asheville over the last few years and have finally decided to make the move? Perhaps you are new to the area and visiting for the first time. Either way, the home journey process can be exhilarating and fun - exploring new areas are like that. Of course, visiting here is a different experience from choosing to live here. Here’s a breakdown of our Home Journey Process and how we can help you in a process that can get complicated quickly.
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Secure Your Spot in Nature at the Farm at Mills River
The Asheville area continues its growth cycle as more families seek easy access to an outdoor lifestyle. Don't worry. You can secure your spot in Nature now and build later. Also, our homesites are one to four acres which means you have plenty of space to enjoy the view.
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The Perfect Interior (and Exterior) Designer: Mother Nature
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall provide the perfect palette for the Perfect Interior (and Exterior) Designer - Mother Nature. When you step outdoors at the Farm at Mills River, you are surrounded by her talents. From the landscape to the airscape, you will be continuously entranced by the blend of colors as they change throughout the year.
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Live your life where "Less is More"
Moving to the mountains doesn't mean sacrificing, it means gaining more. You get more of what you love and less of what you don't.
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Mills River Community Profile - Love where you live
Choosing your home location involves many factors. Your community is one of the biggest factors so we've done an overview of the Mills River Community to show you why you will love where you live.
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Frequently Asked Questions
A roundup of Frequently Asked Questions about taxes, HOA fees, lot sizes, design guidelines and more.
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Town and Country.. and Mountains, too!
Combine Town and Country style on the backdrop of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.
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Buy Now, Build Your Dream Home Later
Whether you’re transitioning, downsizing or simply relocating to Asheville, there’s a lot to do before you move. You don't want to be in a rush when designing your dream home. At the Farm at Mills River you can buy your vision now and build your dream home later. There is no required timeline to build. This allows you the opportunity to secure your property at today’s real estate values. It also means securing that perfect sunset or mountain view before it’s taken.
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Lots of Lots ~ Seeing is Believing
Let’s get right to it. You want to see what the property lots look like? Seeing is believing and you’ll see several of our beautiful, spacious lots, each with memorable views you’ll enjoy at sunrise and sunset
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The Asheville Local's Best Kept Secret: Mills River, NC
Mills River, NC is rising in profile, attracting companies like Sierra Nevada and Amazon. They've discovered what locals have known for many years. Mills River is the mountain "sweet spot" - beautiful valleys, long range mountain views and an easy drive to Asheville, Hendersonville and Lake Lure. What's more, you can access the Asheville Regional Airport within 10 minutes and yet, you would never the airport is there. Come learn why Mills River is the Asheville local's best kept secret
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June 4, 2020
Asheville RV Road Tripping and Glamping
Planning your summer trip? We have great RV parks and glamping options to make your visit truly unique and interesting
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May 6, 2020
Live the Life You Choose Without Sacrificing Your Needs
Living the rural lifestyle doesn't mean you have to sacrifice everything else. In fact, you get so much more. If you’ve lived in the city for many years you may have the mistaken belief that living here means sacrificing your needs but this is not so. Let us share with you what it means and how you can live your best life with all the city amenities in the great
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Apr 5, 2020
Come enjoy our wide-open spaces, fresh air, and gorgeous sunsets!
It goes without saying that we can all use a bit of peace and tranquility through this time. Here in Asheville at The Farm at Mills River, we are blessed to have wide-open spaces with beautiful views and mountains to hike, trails to walk within steps of our front door.
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