Things to Do in Mills River through Every Season

Things to Do in Mills River through Every Season: Our Picks

Mills River is a small town, but one that’s chock-full of things to do if you know where to look. Visualize tranquility, and you’ll have an idea why Mills River draws people into its folds. This lush green valley has acres of valuable farmland with two rivers winding through it.

The neighborhood around The Farm at Mills River lies right in the heart of all this loveliness. It has incredible views of some of the tallest mountain peaks in Henderson County. Since Mills River stretches to the Buncombe County line, this group of new homes near Asheville is perfectly situated to let you enjoy the energy of a small city, but without the noise cities create.

What Are Some Things to Do during the Fall Season?

Autumn in Western North Carolina is a reason travelers from all over the world arrive in droves. It’s time for leaf season, when the sights can take your breath away. The effect of this palette of color is mesmerizing. Given the foliage, outside is where you want to be during the fall. Some top outdoor activities near Mills River include:

Consider yourself lucky if home builders in Asheville create your dream home in Mills River. The community at The Farm at Mills River is composed of a group of like-minded folks who are fond of the natural environment. You’ll fit right in, whether you’re hiking deep into the woods or enjoying a cup of coffee from your home, looking out at the vibrant colors.

What Can I Do in Mills River during the Winter Months?

Winter has its beauty in Western North Carolina. Trees silhouette the sky as if reaching up to catch a star to place on a mountain top. Whether you like winter sports or relaxing in front of your fireplace, you’ll be glad you’re in a land with mostly mild winter temperatures. Some winter activities include:

Asheville custom home builders construct the homes at The Farm at Mills River. These developers adhere to specific standards so you get a high-quality, luxurious home that fits into the landscape. Regardless of the season, you’ll feel at home when your home is in The Farm at Mills River.

What Activities Can I Do during Spring and Summer?

After the cold of winter, you welcome spring as if it was your dearest friend. The mountains are a picturesque backdrop for the vibrancy of new life. As spring prepares for the glory o summer, the landscape becomes a world of deep green. Activities to indulge in include:

The Riveter, the nation’s premiere indoor climbing gym, bike park, and adventure fitness arena. Homebuilders in Asheville are common, but the quality of their work may not always measure up to the standards that The Farm at Mills River demands. The architectural design of your home is a harmonious tribute to its environment and your expressed desires. After all, your home should be an extension of who you are.